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Check it out with Chelsea: A 2022 rhyming recap

This fall, we started a new segment at Newswatch 16, "Check it out with Chelsea." So here's a year-end recap for us to bring the 2022 season of it to a close.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Christmas has come and gone, but Newswatch's Chelsea Strub is still filled with holiday cheer. 

So, she wrote a poem to reflect on "Check it out with Chelsea" this past year.

What started with an Instagram scroll,
Lead to a late summertime stroll.

On a beach covered with sand,  
And ended with a water rescue by a dog, assisted by a woman and man.

Then a journey to an orchard from both high and down low,
To watch the pluck on track harvest the apples, no bruises, only yellow.

And red were the colors on the crop,
This crew harvests for two months, no break, nonstop.

And children say the silliest things when they're given a microphone,
Chelsea: "Lyric, are there dinosaurs at the career fair?"
"Yes, there was a raptor and a dinosaur names bonkers," Lyric Woytach of Clarks Summit.
I think we should get Lyric's agent on the phone!

Steve showed us around his attic arcade,
Full of gaming treasures, don't asked how much he paid.
"Cause I don't want to think about how much money I put into it, quite honestly," laughed Stephen Kane of Dunmore.

Maybe an amount similar to what the Davis family spent
To put together a property-wide Halloween event!

One of my favorites is when I learn the nutcracker dance.
I think I'd make a good soldier if they gave me the chance.

I learned a pickleball is a really fun game if you put the time in
Just make sure if there's no bounce, keep your foot outside the kitchen.

The dawn of a new year is it time to celebrate and cheer,
Why not do it with a hot stone-brewed beer?

Or with a run through a golf course decked out and bright,
With countless holiday and character scenes, fit for a selfie alright.

And just how many Christmas trees can these guys in this apartment squeeze? Well over the 40, they tell me, if you count all of these.

We finished the year with a temporary studio tour,
and it's been your support through this new adventure I'm incredibly grateful for.

If you know of something, Chelsea should check out in this new year,
send it to her right here: chelsea.strub@wnep.com.

Head to WNEP's Youtube page for more Check it out with Chelsea videos.

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