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Christmas Display Honors Loved Ones Lost

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A family’s holiday tradition in Columbia County has taken on even more significance this year. The DeVito family began decorat...

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A family's holiday tradition in Columbia County has taken on even more significance this year.

The DeVito family began decorating their home on Brentwood Circle in Scott Township for Christmas in honor of a family member who passed in 2002.

Now, it means so much more.

The elaborate light display at a house near Bloomsburg brightens the whole neighborhood with Christmas cheer, but for the family that puts this up each year, the sight of it brightens their hearts.

“To us, if we don't do this, we're like dishonoring what they would have wanted because they lived for this just like we would have,” said Michael Mirabile.

Mirabile, his two brothers, and their father started going big for the holiday in honor of their brother Frank, who passed away in 2002.

“We decided that we wanted to hold the tradition as far as going big for my brother, and we've always had a thing for the Griswolds, and we really wanted the house to shine,” said Mirabile.

Mirabile, his brothers, and his stepdad, Joe Devito, designed the display to dance along to the music.

From five to 10 each night, folks can drive by with their radios set to 88.1 FM and watch the lights sparkle in sync with holiday music.

“On average, we see probably over 25 cars at least a night being that it's a development, but on the weekends, sometimes there's lines outside,” said Mirabile.

Sadly, Joe passed away from cancer in February, and last Christmas was his last time to see the show.

Now, the display honors him, as well.

“Every time we turn on these lights every night here at five o'clock, I just feel like they’re smiling down on us, just knowing we're doing the right thing, we're keeping the tradition alive,” said Joey DeVito.

The family says at a time of year when people are getting together with loved ones, this is their way of getting together with theirs.

“My brother loved Christmas lights when we were growing up,” said Mirabile. “For me, when I'm out here decorating, I can hear him, I just remember things that he did when he was out there with us,” said Mirabile.

Unfortunately, the family is selling their house. So, this is the last year the display will be in Scott Township.

They vow to have a new display at their new home.