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John Hickey puts Carelust Color-Blind Glasses to the test in an emotional Does It Really Work

The makers claim this product works to help correct color-blindness.

These are Carelust Color Blind Glasses made to solve the problem of color blindness.  

The company is based out of London, England, and sells these glasses online for about $90, give or take a few dollars for shipping.

The maker claims it will help most people that are color blind see all the colors that the rest of us see.  

Surprisingly, there are a lot more people that are color blind than you think.

"One in eight males in the United States and almost one in 200 females suffer from it," said Dr. Michael Boland, Optometrist.

One of them is Meteorologist John Hickey.

John found out at a very young age that he didn't see colors correctly.

"I was at a fair with my dad one day, and I said, Hey dad! You gotta see this. There's a green cow over there!' (laughing) He told me to be quiet. There's no such thing as a green cow," said Hickey.

John's experience as a young boy is something millions of color-blind people can relate to.

There are a few examples of how people like John see things as compared to the way we see things.

The difference is stark when comparing them side by side.

We start our test by giving John a standard color test.

"I don't see any numbers. No, no numbers, I just see dots on both of those," said Hickey.

"Anything here?" "I see dots, and I see dots," said Hickey.

"Anything here?" "Dots and dots," said Hickey.

John has never been able to pass these tests.

Now, John puts on the Carelust Color-Blind Glasses and gives it another try!  

"And this is 74. Yup, this is 45," said Hickey.

"How about over here?" "7 Wow, I'm gonna cry," said Hickey. 

"I'm an emotional basket case, so I'll cry with you."

"I've never been able to do this in my entire life!  I can see color. It's so great. I've never seen this before. I've never seen that color," said Hickey. 

We take a break for a few minutes to give John a chance to process what he just saw.

Imagine seeing colors you've only heard about all your life for the very first time. 

That's the moment we just witnessed with John.

"Can I see more? I've never been able to do this," said Hickey. "12, 5. So there's the 7. That's a 45."

For John, it's a life-changing moment.

It made all of us feel blessed to witness something so special, but seeing color in a test book and seeing it in real life are completely different things.  

As we learned from John a few days later.

"So I've had the opportunity to use the glasses for a few days, while I was able to pass the color blind test with flying colors, I started to notice some other issues that weren't right when I got into the real world," said Hickey.

The issues that John encountered while using the Carelust glasses outdoors will be exposed in part two of this test next Thursday at 7 p.m.

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