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Is there COVID or hazard pay for employees working during the pandemic?

No. A fake FEMA post being shared makes it appear there is COVID pay.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It looks real. It sounds as if it should be true. And it has a FEMA logo. Here is the post:

“If you've worked any during the COVID 19 pandemic, FEMA has finally authorized a one-time $2800 check for hazard pay! Here is the direct link to fill out and submit the application ASAP”.

A link follows the message along with the FEMA and Department of Homeland Security logo. But it's not real.

The FEMA website confirms it. In fact, there is an entire page dedicated to coronavirus rumor control. Scroll down and the first myth the site tackles is the hazard pay.

The page and this hazard pay entry were just updated this week.

FACT:  A FEMA fund is helping to pay unemployment claims.

But no federal assistance was given in the form of hazard pay nor has FEMA directly paid individuals.

The bottom line, there is no FEMA payout for hazard pay. There is also no standard COVID or hazard pay for employers to offer. 

“As far as I know there is no such thing as COVID pay. However, employers can offer an incentive for employees who are going into where there is COVID, but there is no requirement to do so,” said employment attorney Nicole Patino, Law Offices of Fred T. Hamlet.

One more thing on this subject, when you see something on social media, even if the logo looks real, always look for the blue check.
That's how you know you're on a real and verified site. If there is no blue check, don’t re-post or share it, it’s not real.