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Tiffany | 16 To The Rescue

Tiffany came to the shelter from a breeder in July last year and never knew a life inside.

MILLVILLE, Pa. — In this week's 16 To The Rescue, we meet Tiffany, a sweet German shepherd ready to know life in her first forever home.

"She's a good dog. She didn't deserve the life she started with, so we're hoping to find her right home," said Vicki Hess, the shelter manager at Animal Resource Center in Columbia County.

You wouldn't know it from all the smiles and sniffs, but at 8 years old, Tiffany is only beginning to learn how to be a dog. Rescue workers at Animal Resource Center aren't surprised she picked up on the task right away.

"She had no idea what it was like to even play with a toy or even, you know, have treats," said Hess, "She was just so deprived her entire life."

Tiffany started her life at a bit of a disadvantage. She came to the shelter from a breeder in July of last year and never knew a life inside. Since then, she has impressed rescue workers with her resilience. She has already learned that she loves walks and has even learned simple commands—for a treat, of course.

Rescue workers have lovingly given her the nickname "Sniffany" for her love of exploring with her nose. Even with her difficult start in life, the staff loves her sweet temperament and ability to love.

"She just never had a mean bone in her body. She's just very timid and laid back," said Hess.

A quiet home where Tiffany won't have to worry about many loud sounds or a lot of action would be ideal. No cats or young children either, but rescue workers say a gentle, more submissive dog in the home is possible. Since coming to the shelter almost a year ago, Tiffany has proven that she is smart, loving, and ready for her forever home, already having learned that a good pet here and there is a good feeling. She loves walking alongside her caregivers when she's given the chance and even discovered how fun toys can be. Rescue workers know her family would get as much love back as they put in.

"They would have a great dog. I mean, especially shepherds are very loyal dogs, so she will definitely be a very loyal dog, and she'll just love to have a home," Hess explained.

If your home sounds like the right place for Tiffany to learn more about cuddles, treats, and love: you can find her adoption information by clicking here

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