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16 To The Rescue: Karma

Karma was saved by the PSPCA Danville in Montour County.

DANVILLE, Pa. — Karma is a 5-year-old horse that came from a neglect situation.

Karma was saved by the PSPCA Danville in Montour County.

"Karma is a mare, so she can be a little bit bossy and sassy but she'll whip your boy, The male horses in shape," Kristen Szwast said.

Karma has gained some weight since she was rescued, but she does have a minor medical issue to be aware of.

"She has a condition called club foot, so she's going to need medical care where you extensively take care of the hoof and keep an eye on it for treatment, it's this right front hoof."

The shelter's barn handler has been working with Karma to break her in. Due to her setback, it will take some time.

"We do think that she has the capability to be ridden but it's going to take some work and it's going to take a special type of person to work with her because she does have that condition."

For people who think that horses will make great pets, shelter workers say you have to keep in mind the many costs that come with them.

"This is a lifetime commitment. You're looking at about 30 plus years, housing, making sure that your barn is in the right condition."

The adoption process is a bit different than if you were interested in a dog or cat.

"We do have an equine application and we do a barn check to make sure that you have a barn, make sure you are comfortable, especially with her because she does have a medical condition," Szwast said.

The shelter also provides counseling to explain what care will look like for Karma down the road.

"She's got a special place in my heart. I know a good home is out there for her, I just wish they would come sooner than later."

If you're interested in Karma, you can get more information on the PSPCA Danville Center website.

If you are a shelter or rescue that has an animal you would like featured on 16 To The Rescue, you can email Kerry Kearns at 16Rescue@wnep.com.