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Snoopy | 16 To the Rescue

We've all heard that good things come in small packages. In this week's 16 To the Rescue we meet Snoopy, a tiny pup with a big personality.

HONESDALE, Pa. — We have all heard that good things come in small packages. In this week's 16 To the Rescue, we meet Snoopy, a tiny pup with a big personality.

"He's probably about 10 pounds; he's a small one. He's actually a very large dog in a small body," said Linda Gambone, a volunteer at Dessin Animal Shelter.

For something so small, rescue workers at Dessin Animal Shelter near Honesdale had a lot to say about 8-year-old dachshund Snoopy. The best word they could think to describe this petite pup: confident.

Snoopy is a shelter favorite in Wayne County and was ready for the limelight when our camera started rolling. He was quick to show us his favorite toy, which rescue workers say he brings everywhere with him, a stuffed dachshund, of course because Snoopy happens to be a big fan of the breed.

"He's kind of like the boss of town," Gambone joked, "He's a fun little guy; he makes us laugh all the time. Yeah, we all love him. He's doing well here, but obviously, we're really interested in getting him a nice home, and hopefully, someone will see him and fall in love with him like we did."

Snoopy was surrendered two months ago from a loving family who had a change in circumstances and could no longer care for him. He loves people and being the center of attention, and he will let you know if you are not giving him enough of it.

With all of Snoopy's quirky qualities, we should also mention that he is deaf, not that he ever lets that slow him down. Rescue workers say he is the best of both worlds. He loves to play, but he has a soft side too.

"They'd have just a fun little guy that keeps them entertained but also a snuggler. He'll just sit in your lap and be a nice warm little body for you. He's very cute," said Gambone.

Because Snoopy is deaf and sometimes easily startled, rescue workers say his perfect home is one where he is the only dog. He is the boss, after all. No young children in Snoopy's forever home, either. He is healthy, great on a leash, and would shine in a family that likes to play as much as they like to cuddle.

He does not take up that much space, so your house does not have to be big to take in this small pup, but he would like a fenced-in backyard.

If your home sounds perfect for a new best friend and his best friend, you can find Snoopy's adoption information by clicking here.

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