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16 To The Rescue: Ribbit

Ribbit came to the PSPCA Danville shelter earlier this year as a stray.

DANVILLE, Pa. — Ribbit is a 3-year-old female bulldog mix at PSPCA Danville in Montour County.

"She's been here with us since the end of March. She was adopted out twice, gone for about a week altogether," said shelter worker Michaela Royer.

Ribbit needs a very specific home, preferably one where she's the one and only.

"She loves people. The only thing with Ribbit, she needs a home where she can be just by herself, no other animals, no cats, and she isn't a fan of kids, so she would need a home that's no kids either."

Ribbit is very independent. She just wanted to lounge in the grass when we visited with her. And when she was done with getting affection, she let us know.

"She's a very sassy girl. She likes to do her own thing. She likes to play with toys when she wants to. She likes to go on walks, play in water. She loves the pool too."

It's said that Ribbit got her name because she tends to make frog-like noises. She didn't make any when we visited with her, but she did sprawl out like one.

"Ribbit is kind of a goofy girl. She's kind of sassy too. She does whatever she wants to when she wants to, but she also likes to cuddle with people that she really likes," Royer said.

Ribbit has been very stressed at the shelter, so getting her into an ideal home is a priority for shelter workers.

Just a home where she can be the queen bee and do her own thing," Royer added. "I love Ribbit because she's independent; she does her own thing. She also likes to hang out with people, and she just loves attention."

If you're interested in Ribbit, you can get more information on the PSPCA Danville Center website.

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