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16 To The Rescue: Remington

In this week's 16 To The Rescue we meet a 2-year-old Boxer/Pit Bull mix with a goofy personality, a big smile, and the perfect best friend.

FRANKLIN, Pa. — Remington makes a pretty solid first impression. He is just as much sweet as he is silly. Shelter workers love being around him because of his entertaining personality, and they say it is time he gets adopted. 

"Shelter life makes him a little tough sometimes, so he definitely gets defensive sometimes. But it's nothing you can't overcome. He's not an aggressive dog by any means; it's more just he needs to know you're not going to hurt him and that he can trust you, which doesn't take long at all with him," said Emma Ripka, Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge. 

The 2-year-old Boxer/Pit Bull mix has lived at Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge near Dallas for most of his life. It does not take long at all for him to warm up to someone new. Because of his size, a family with older kids would be better, though. 

"He's crate trained. He probably needs a refresher on the house training because of the shelter life. He is good on leash, he does get excited, but he does listen very well when you correct him," Ripka explained. 

Shelter workers think the reason he has not been adopted yet is that Remington should not go to a home with other dogs; for that reason, he often gets overlooked. But still, workers are hopeful there is the perfect family for Remington.

"He really doesn't need a buddy because he will just fill your house with a lot of energy, love, and goofiness. He's definitely all you need," Ripka said.

And it is hard not to notice the goofiness the moment you meet him. Remington is pretty much always making a silly face with his tongue out.

"His lips often get stuck in his gums, if you want to call it that. So all his teeth hang out. So he looks like he is smiling. He really doesn't know what he's doing half the time. He has no idea that he's not the smallest dog. He thinks he's a lap dog," Ripka joked. 

A lap dog who is sure to be a best friend if given the chance. You can find Remington's adoption information by clicking here.