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16 To The Rescue: Cutesy and Oreo

In this week's 16 To The Rescue, we meet a pair of cats who often get overlooked because they are a package deal.

SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, PA — Rescue workers call them the most magical pair; you can probably guess how Oreo and Cutesy got their names in this week's 16 To The Rescue.

"They're very, very sweet, super lovable. If you want a couch potato, then they're the cats for you. They'll lay on your lap. They are just one of those cats that want affection 24/7. They've been here for ten months now, so we're really trying to get them a home, but it's hard because they are bonded and everything else," Breana Cline, Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, said.

Oreo and Cutesy came in together as owner surrenders almost a year ago and really should stay together. Oreo is 4 and Cutesy is 10. He came to the rescue already de-clawed. Oreo is more outgoing and talkative; Cutesy is more mellow. Together, they bring out the best in each other.

"Laying in the bed together, cuddling together, kissing each other, licking each other. They really are best friends, they're best friends for life, and they've been like that since they came in. They're just great cats. We love them to death," Cline said.

Rescue workers think the only reason they get overlooked is that there are two of them. They would do fine in any home. They are very easygoing and low maintenance.

"Either with children or an older couple that wants just two cats that are just going to lay back and be lap cats. If you're really looking for someone that's talkative or wants to sit in your lap, wants you to watch Netflix with, they will be those cats for you," Cline said.

Oreo and Cutesy have never been dog-tested, but rescue workers do not think it would be a problem considering how friendly they are. Over the past ten months, they have become shelter favorites.

"I just love how lovable they are. They will literally come up to the cage and lick you and cuddle with you, just want all of the attention and all of the love. When you first walk into the room, they're the ones that are screaming at you, 'hey, give me the lovings, give me the attention.' They're so cute and lovable. If I could take them home, I would," Cline said.

If you would like to meet Oreo and Cutesy, you can find their adoption information by clicking on their names.

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