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Mr. Jitters | 16 To The Rescue

In this week's 16 To The Rescue, we meet an eight-month-old kitten named Mr. Jitters. When you see him, you'll understand how he got his name.

SCRANTON, Pa. — Mr. Jitters may have special needs, move a little differently, and take a little longer to get to his destination, but this eight-month-old orange tabby is living his best life.

"You'll see him shake his head; he has trouble walking. He will need adaptive food, water dishes, litter box, things like that," said Katrina Organ, St. Cat and Dogs of Nay Aug Zoo.

Mr. Jitters has what is called cerebellar hypoplasia. It is an incurable neurological disorder which means he has an underdeveloped brain. He came to live at St. Cats and Dogs of Nay Aug Zoo as a newborn kitten last summer. But as soon as he was old enough, he was brought to his foster home so he could live a more comfortable life.

"A lot of people, when they see videos of him, they feel really bad. But I always say he doesn't know any better. He thinks he's a normal cat; he's super playful. Sometimes we have to put him in timeout a little if he gets a little overexcited. I love him because he is the true sour patch kid. He'll be cuddling with you on the couch, and the next thing you know, you didn't realize it, but now it's playtime, and it's wrestle-mania," Organ said.

Mr. Jitters can and most likely will live a completely normal life and lifespan. He will need a very specific home, and rescue workers say they will be picky about the family who adopts him. No dogs or young kids for Mr. Jitters. He, of course, will need his regular vet care. But more importantly, rescue workers say his new family should have experience with a special-needs animal, be able to essentially baby-proof their home so he does not get hurt on steps or when he falls, and finally, someone who is home often.

"He just loves being around people. One of the ways his muscle tone has improved is just following me around the house. If I'm doing laundry or chores, he goes, 'Oh, we're in the kitchen now, we're in the bedroom now,'" Organ said.

Rescue workers say Mr. Jitters living in his foster home over the past few months has been the best thing for him. But since his foster works long hours, she knows it's not fair to keep him. Someone who either works part-time or works from home would be ideal. And Mr. Jitters would be happiest in a quiet home since sometimes loud noises scare him.

"Oh, they would be the luckiest. He has a big, big personality. He's your classic orange cat. He's definitely a little weirdo. You would just get so much entertainment and joy from having him in the home," Organ said.

If you would like to meet Mr. Jitters, you can find his adoption information by clicking here.

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