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16 To The Rescue: Litter of puppies

In this week's 16 To The Rescue, we meet 5 puppies: Turbo, Elvira, Amber, Belinda, and Camilla.

SCRANTON, Pa. — This week we meet not one but a whole litter of puppies living at Friends with Paws Pet Rescue in Scranton. They absolutely love being outside, and at only 13 weeks old, it seems they never lose their energy.

"We have one boy, Turbo. We have four girls, Elvira, Belinda, Amber, and Camilla. They're very active. They need a home, they're ready, they're going to be big dogs, they're beautiful," said Barb Halloran, Friends with Paws Pet Rescue.

This was a litter of eight, three have already found their forever homes, and now rescue workers are hopeful the other five can be just as lucky. The eight puppies and mom Sasha were all rescued from the South and transported to Friends with Paws about a month ago. They were found on the street, so rescue workers do not know much about them.

"Our littlest will remind you of a rottweiler, but she's the little petite girl. She's sort of marked like rottweilers. A lot of them look labby, one of them looks a little pitty," Halloran explained. 

Rescue workers do know the puppies are going to be big, though. They are already almost as big as their mom.

"They're going to have a lot of energy, they're puppies. They're going to chew stuff. They're going to need a lot of exercise. They're going to want to play in the yard, play with the ball," Halloran said.

Rescue workers say the puppies will need to go to families ready to take on the responsibility of a puppy. They would do well in a home with other dogs and kids.

"I will say they're in an indoor pen, and they are really good about going to the paper. It should be pretty easy to get them to learn to go outside. There's no food aggression that I have to say, I can put down a small bowl, and all 5 of them can run over and share it, so I don't see food aggression. Even when I give a treat, I don't see food aggression. They're siblings, so they get a long good," Halloran said.

Some of the puppies will be at the Grand Opening of Taylor Line Car Wash on Keyser Avenue in Taylor on Saturday, June 25 from 2 to 5 pm. The event will be raising money for Friends with Paws.

You can find more information on each puppy by clicking their names: Turbo, Elvira, Belinda, Amber, and Camilla.

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