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16 To The Rescue: Linus

In this week's 16 To The Rescue, we meet a 4-year-old cat who keeps getting overlooked because he has an autoimmune disease.

SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, PA — Linus was having the best day ever, being let out of his cage. He used his time wisely, playing with toys, saying hello to all of his other cat friends, and just enjoying stretching his legs. 

Linus is probably about 4 years old but has been living at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter for more than a year now, and rescue workers want that to change.

"Everything. He's just a great cat overall. He constantly is running around the room; he says hello to everybody. He'll just rub up on your feet the whole time you're cleaning his cage," said Abby Martin, Griffin Pond Animal Shelter.

In fact, Linus will rub up against anything, a WNEP tripod or camera bag, for example; he is just the sweetest boy who loves to snuggle. But Linus keeps getting overlooked because he has an autoimmune disease. 

"He's been here for about a year and a half now. He is FeLV positive, which is feline leukemia. He can still live a long, happy life. It's just preferred that he lives in a home with no other cats or another cat that is FeLV positive. It's only spread through sharing bowls or poop, so litter boxes or food bowls," Martin explained. 

Rescue workers say Linus does not let his illness affect his personality. He is friendly and loving, and while his life might be shortened because of his condition, that shouldn't stop a family from bringing him home. 

"There really isn't any extra care. We feed him normal food; we give him wet food sometimes, just as a treat, normal water. Everything is pretty normal, just the fact that if he were to live with another cat, it would have to be FeLV positive," said Martin. 

Rescue workers say they want the right family to give him an extra special quality of life since the quantity might be shortened. Linus would do well in a home with kids and just anyone willing to give him the love and attention he deserves. 

"Linus, he'll walk around and play with shoelaces; he plays with those spring toys. He's very loving; he's definitely a super lap cat, good to play with kids."

If you would like to meet Linus, you can find his adoption information by clicking here.

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