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16 To The Rescue: Cleo

In this week's 16 To The Rescue, we meet a 1-and-a half-year-old cat named Cleo who is looking for a home to live in and a lap to lay on.

MILLVILLE, Pa. — The beautiful calico with the sweetest green eyes is Cleo. She is about 1 1/2 and lives at Animal Resource Center near Bloomsburg, but she is more than ready to be adopted.

"She's very affectionate. As soon as you walk into her unit, she wants to be on your lap. She wants to be staring deeply into your eyes. Definitely not a cat that is suited for the outdoors. Definitely a cat that should be inside and loved," said Kate Magni, Animal Resource Center.

Cleo is a people person but more of a snuggler than a cat who likes to run around and play. Rescue workers do not know how she would be around dogs, but she co-exists with more than 30 cats at the shelter.

"She does great with the cats here. She definitely loves people over other animals. She would thrive where she is the center of attention or with others that are willing to share the limelight," Magni explained. 

Cleo was originally trapped as part of a trap, neuter, and release program, but she never got to the release part because of how sweet she is. Still, her ear-tip keeps people away. 

"They mistakenly believe that she's a true feral, that she doesn't know how to use a litter box, that she's not social and affectionate, and it's exactly the opposite. That's why she's here; she's too friendly to be released," Magni said. 

Cleo has been living at the shelter since April; rescue workers believe she often gets overlooked because she is not a kitten anymore, but they say that should not matter because of how lucky a family would be to bring home a cat like Cleo. 

"Honestly, she's one of the sweetest cats we have. We often joke around here, especially with a lot of our adults, that they're always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Because they're always people's second or third option, that's definitely been the case with Cleo. She's always been the second or third option. She just hasn't found her family yet," Magni said. 

If you want to change that and give this lap cat a lap to lie on, you can find Cleo's adoption information here.

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