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16 To The Rescue: Casper

In this "16 To The Rescue" we meet a dog, who not only has a zest for life, he also has an appreciation for sprinklers in the summertime.

Check out Casper.

He's a 2-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter near Clarks Summit.

This boy likes to go, go go and he's a working dog, which makes the shelter not an ideal environment for him.

"Casper has been having a very tough time in the shelter because he's not getting the stimulation that he needs. He needs to work, his mind needs to be active, his body needs to be active," said Jimmy Mancus from Griffin Pond.

Casper certainly knows how to keep his cool during the summer months.

He also enjoys the company of anyone who will play fetch with him, but he can be picky about his playmates.

"Super sweet dog, he warmed up to you really well. He's a little bit dog selective so if you have another dog we suggest coming up and doing a meet and greet and having them meet."

The ideal home for him..is someone who isn't intimidated by his energy.

A person who would rather be on the go, than on the couch.

"He has to be out there, somebody with a big yard to let him run and play and go on walks and hikes and chase things and keep him active and keep him stimulated mentally and emotionally and physically. that is the best thing for him. that would be the ideal situation, ideal setting for him," said Mancus.

Casper is also a smarty pants.

He's learned how to do sit, down, and heel.

"he's definitely like a blank canvas. he's able to be trained. he's doing really well with his training. he's really a great dog that you can mold into an even better dog for somebody."

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