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Art Painted On A Teabag!

Check Out This Unusual Art Form

Canvas, paper, wood and glass are some of the various surfaces artists commonly paint on.  Scranton native Keith Renard decided to try his hand doing water color paintings on teabags!  He loved to paint and create and through a challenge of a co-worker wondering if Renard could paint on a tea bag he decided to find out and Keith Renard Artwork On Tea was born. Renard dries the tea bags of all shapes and sizes and paints on them.  He creates pet portraits, landscapes, holiday themes and custom work on these delicate "canvases."  His pieces are one of a kind and are framed and matted.  

When Home & Backyard visited, Keith demonstrated the painstaking process of creating water color art work on a tea bag. Click here to find where you can purchase his artwork.

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