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No Bake Reindeer Cookies And A Fun And Festive Live Greens and Fresh Fruit Decoration

Santa Stops By To Join In The Fun

DUNMORE, Pa. — Preparing for the holidays is great fun especially when Santa Claus stops by to help.  We prepare reindeer cookies with Nutter Butters and for the grown ups, aromatic hanging decorations with fresh greens a ribbon and oranges.
Reindeer Cookies|
Nutter Butter cookies
pretzels (broken into pieces)
M and M's for nose
candy eyes
piping icing
Use the Nutter Butter Cookies as the head, put piping icing on the eyes and attach to cookie. Do the same with the M and M's and add a nose.  Add two pieces of pretzels and attach to the top of the head as antlers.

Christmas Fresh Greens and Orange Hanging Ball
non-wired holiday ribbon (cut ribbon in 24 inch piece)
Fresh Greens| (pine sprigs, holly, berries etc.)
dowel to make a hole and feed ribbon

Take orange and fold ribbon in half, with the dowel fish the ribbon through the orange from bottom to top. (slide dowel out leave ribbon in) Leave an inch loop at the top and the excess can stream from the bottom. Take cloves and insert them into the orange and create a design of your liking. Insert the greens into the underside of the orange. Tie a bow around the greens and hang.

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