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Recipes With A Whole Lot of Kick!

Popular Family Father-Son Recipe Is Kickin' It

NORTHUMBERLAND, Pa. — Sean Morgan and his father Pat always had a passion for great wings and traveled the entire country in search of  the best wing sauce - They never found it - So in 2008 they created Kick Sauce what they call, "the most unique wing sauce that is so tasty, you will find yourself putting it not just on wings, but on all of your favorite foods including chicken, pork, fish, hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza and more."  Family, friends and neighbors really liked it.  It all began with Mr. Morgan creating the Kick Sauce while he was recovering from an organ transplant.  The Kick Sauce became a big hit and now it is sold regionally in and around Northumberland.  When Home and Backyard visited, Sean prepared several of their favorite dishes with the Kick Sauce including Grilled Kickin' Chicken and  Kickin' Balls.

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