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Finding Hens And Chicks In Unusual Places

You Never Know Where They Will Show Up

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Hens and chicks can pop up and fill in many spaces in your garden, but the good thing is they only need water and sunshine! Hens and chicks in the gardener's world are perennial succulent plants with pointed leaves and a rosette shape.  This common houseleek plant is commonly called hens and chicks because the large rosette produces many "babies" which grow around it.  

When Home & Backyard visited a garden in Scott Township, PA, the home owner had planted hens and chicks in a rock wall on their property.  The hens and chicks are in various nooks and crannies along the wall and are a nice visual surprise in the garden. 

Hens and chicks enjoy full sun and dry "even gritty" soil.  

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