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This Fermented Food Is Key to Good Gut Health

These Superfood Kimchi Wraps Are A Fermented Treat That Promote a Good Gut

SHAVERTOWN, Pa. — Tammy Brill of Fermented Delights and More is a noted scientist in the field of gut health and fermented foods. She prepares her Superfood Kimchi and uses it in a Nova Style Salmon Bibb Lettuce Cream Cheese and Kimchi Wrap.  You simply take the Bibb Lettuce which acts as the wrap, top it with your favorite salmon, Fermented Delights Kimchi and farm fresh cream cheese.  Roll the lettuce into a wrap and it's ready to eat.  

Tammy has incorporated her microbiology background with research and blended it with present day health findings and the consequences of processed and refined food causing problems from anxiety to physiological ailments. Her diligent study of fermented foods evolved and led her to become a health coach in integrative nutrition offering people alternative eating habits.

Products are prepared in small batches and fermented in glass for quality control. Starter cultures are used to ensure for perfect fermentation and safe ph. Refrigeration is a must for the product to “stay alive” and achieve full nutritional benefits.

Her goal is to make a difference in people’s lives and for them to feel their best, as well as being a supportive mentor and a passionate wellness authority through the food we eat.

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