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How Wellsboro Saved Christmas

Christmas On Main Street In Wellsboro Part 4

WELLSBORO, Pa. — During World War II, Christmas ornaments were scarce.  At that time, the hand blown glass ornaments were manufactured and shipped from Germany. Because of the war, ornaments from Germany were no longer available to the United States.  With a need for ornaments and the imagination and ingenuity of several fine folks at Corning Glass in Wellsboro, the glass workers were able to produce ornaments for the entire country.  Jackie Lewandoski interviews Anja Stam and Skip Cavanagh at the Wellsboro Pop Up Glass Museum on how Wellsboro saved Christmas with the production of Shiny Brite Ornaments.

Anja and Skip show off the collection of Shiny Brite ornaments and how they were created during the World War II era. 

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