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An ode to Halloween night

Mike Stevens pays tribute to the spookiest night of the year.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The sun sets on Halloween day opening the door to Halloween night. 

Oh, what a night it is.

It's a night we've all thought about, for one reason or another. 

Weeks ago we began to consider what may well be the most important item in the fall wardrobe. 

On Halloween, of course, you can be anyone you want, anything that has stirred your imagination, heightened your dread of the dark, or offered an incentive to force others to fear the night.

It's truly a night to put yourself into someone or somethings shoes for a while. 

To walk the streets in disguise sharing a smile or a warning to be afraid very afraid.

The shadows of Halloween night are deep and dark and grow more foreboding as the evening wears on.

There is no telling what might be hidden in those black clouds near the walkway before us.

But the opportunities offered by the night overcome the fears of what lurks in the shadows.

Opportunities that come but once a year, like Halloween itself.

"Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat".

A tried and true threat to any resident of any home daring to leave a front porch light on. 

You asked for it. 

It is the goal of Halloween practitioners to fulfill your wishes.

That little ditty echoes across dark streets; a long-standing favorite it often gives way to the simple, yet tried and true, "Trick or treat".

Those thus called upon dare not ignore the threat and so offer a treat fit for a king. 

It is accepted and he/she/it moves on to the next lighted porch making room for another threatening greeting.

So goes the night, Halloween night.

A night we can be anyone we want to be, anyone we've ever dreamed of being, every nightmare comes to life for all to see.

The day after Halloween will be just that, nothing remarkable, nothing to be excited over, to look forward to. It will be simply another autumn night. 

We'd best make the most of what lies before us.