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Here's the most-unique Thanksgiving stuffing recipe search in Pennsylvania, according to Google Trends

As Thanksgiving approaches, many Pennsylvanians are going to Google to find recipes for...stuffing with raisins? REALLY???

YORK, Pa. — We're just days away from Thanksgiving, and menus are being finalized across the nation as Turkey Day approaches.

For those who go the traditional turkey-centric route for their Thanksgiving meal, the most-popular side dish is generally the stuffing (or dressing, depending on what part of the country you're in). 

But there are dozens of varieties of stuffing to choose from. And, depending on where you're located, there are some undeniable trends.

Google Trends recently unveiled a map of the year's most-uniquely searched Thanksgiving stuffing recipes in each state. 

According to the data, meat-based stuffings (mainly some variant of sausage) lead the way in 17 states, while cornbread stuffing is the side dish of choice in 15 states -- mainly across the South.

What's the most-unique variant here in Pennsylvania? According to Google Trends, the answer is "stuffing with raisins" -- a choice that may offend the sensibilities of readers with Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry. 

"Stuffing with raisins" is so unique, Pennsylvania is the only state in the union where it appears.

The only other state to search for a fruit-based stuffing is Washington, where the search term "stuffing with apples" shows up on the Google Trends map. Although Oklahoma's choice, "Red Jell-o stuffing," is...certainly a choice. (Seriously, Okies, can we talk?)

Here’s the full list of uniquely searched stuffings from each state, according to Google Trends:

  • Alabama: Cornbread dressing
  • Alaska: Sausage stuffing
  • Arizona: Turkey stuffing
  • Arkansas: Cornbread dressing
  • California: Turkey stuffing
  • Colorado: Sausage cornbread stuffing
  • Connecticut: Turkey fruit stuffing
  • Delaware: Ground sausage stuffing
  • Florida: Cornbread stuffing
  • Georgia: Cornbread dressing
  • Hawaii: Jalapeno cheese stuffing
  • Idaho: Italian sausage stuffing
  • Illinois: Sage dressing
  • Indiana: Cranberry stuffing
  • Iowa: Cornbread stuffing
  • Kansas: Oyster stuffing
  • Kentucky: Soul food stuffing
  • Louisiana: Cornbread dressing
  • Maine: Cornbread stuffing
  • Maryland: Turkey stuffing
  • Massachusetts: Sausage stuffing
  • Michigan: Cornbread dressing
  • Minnesota: Cornmeal dressing
  • Mississippi: Cornbread dressing
  • Missouri: Oyster dressing
  • Montana: Herb andouille sausage sage stuffing
  • Nebraska: Italian stuffing
  • Nevada: Stuffing wrapped in bacon
  • New Hampshire: Turkey stuffing
  • New Jersey: Italian dressing
  • New Mexico: Cornbread dressing
  • New York: Sausage stuffing
  • North Carolina: Sausage dressing
  • North Dakota: Keto cauliflower stuffing
  • Ohio: Cornbread stuffing
  • Oklahoma: Red Jell-O stuffing
  • Oregon: Cornbread dressing
  • Pennsylvania: Stuffing with raisins
  • Rhode Island: French dressing
  • South Carolina: Oyster dressing
  • South Dakota: Sausage stuffing
  • Tennessee: Cornbread dressing
  • Texas: Cornbread dressing
  • Utah: Stuffing with Greek yogurt
  • Vermont: Sage dressing
  • Virginia: Sausage stuffing
  • Washington: Stuffing with apples
  • Washington D.C.: Country bread stuffing
  • West Virginia: Cornbread dressing
  • Wisconsin: Turkey stuffing
  • Wyoming: Savory herb stuffing

No matter how you elect to prepare it, here's hoping the stuffing on your Thanksgiving table is delicious and filling.

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