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Truck Accident Lawsuits

What do you do if you are in an accident with a truck or bus?
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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be highly complicated. Often the driver of a big truck who has caused an injury accident may be from one state, the truck licensed in another, the trailer licensed in a third state and the owners of the trucking firm from yet another. A myriad of laws come into play in Truck Accident Lawsuits. Our region's highway system with the intersection of Routes 80, 81, 380, 84, The Pennsylvania Turnpike, and the countless feeder roadways means we see many big truck accidents. Driver fatigue, reckless driving, speeding and poor maintenance are often the cause of big truck accidents.

Bus Accidents

The same information applies to Bus Accidents, Aircraft Accidents and accidents involving trains. Very often these are highly complicated cases involving multiple state and federal laws and you may need to initiate law suits against multiple defendants.

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