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Reasons to smile: Your hilarious happenings caught on camera as the weather warms up

As the weather continues to warm up, many are taking advantage of fun in the sun. Some of those activities have involved a few hilarious caught-on-camera moments.

MOOSIC, Pa. — As the weather continues to warm up, that means many of us are getting outside to take advantage of fun in the sun. Some of those activities have involved a few hilarious moments caught on camera.

Like so many in our area, one guy from the Nanticoke area likes to start his days with a jaunt to the gym, but his wife Diane says he took this trip, literally. Thank goodness some bushes broke his fall.

Speaking of fitness, even our pooches, like Mary Ann’s dog, Bear, are down for a little ab work.

Or should we say, sprint work, like Kelsey Cunningham’s dog in Swoyersville who got a case of the zoomies that just about took her out. At least she had a good laugh after the fact.

This warmer weather truly has most of us jumping for joy just like Finley.

Even one cool cat from Bradford County knows how to get some awesome air here in Athens.

No matter where our pets play, I think we can all agree, if there’s anything that irks us, especially while hiking or playing outdoors, it’s when people don’t clean up after their furballs. You know, leaving their business on the ground. One video clip had us saying, oh deer, but Payton’s reaction here in Shickshinny is something so many of us can all relate to when we sometimes run into those stinky surprises. 

And as the dog days of summer get closer and closer, it’ll soon mean time to hit the beach. Just hope that Lindsey Meyer from central Pennsylvania isn’t packing your suitcase. She pulled quite the prank on her husband while on vacation. Are you ready for this? She bought him dissolving swim trunks to wear. They made quite a splash here in Florida after he realized what was happening. By the way, they’re still happily married.

Finally, if there’s one thing that brings us all together, no matter what time of the year it is, it’s gotta be food.

For Tim Ward’s daughter in Scranton, mealtime is truly an immersive experience. This gal goes all-in with that Chef Boyardee.

For others, including Kenzie in Ashland, clearly, breakfast is not the most important meal of her day.

And as cheesy as it sounds, we all hope that soon poor Bubba can finally "catch" a break when it comes to sampling his favorite treats.

As long as this baby’s nowhere in sight, apparently, Briana Hine keeps catching her kiddo trying to steal fiddo’s food!

From cute kids to those funny falls and so much more, they’re just a sampling of some of our area’s hilarious and heartwarming moments caught on camera.

Apparently, some of you out there always have your camera ready to roll, capturing some hilarious moments, like one mom did and her kiddo weaning off anesthesia.

Ethan from Taylor recently had an endoscopy to check out something with his stomach. His mom Norma-Jean says he’s doing well, but she still laughs at the moment she caught her son trying to smooth talk the nurse.

By the way, we did check with his momma before putting this on TV, and she replied, “Absolutely, he’ll totally be okay with it.”

Also in the video above, Ryan shares a memorable moment of Jon Meyer as he starts his first day as the new morning anchor.


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