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The cheesiest tour you'll take: Lackawanna County Pizza Trail officially underway

It's a "cheesy" project aimed at spotlighting and supporting dozens of mom and pop pizzerias in our area.

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. — Pizza--it's basically become its own food group for our area.

On Thursday, Newswatch 16 This Morning gave an update on a tasty campaign we first brought you over the summer. 

Our Ryan Leckey shared the dish on The Lackawanna County Pizza Trail. 

For many in our area, pizza is a go-to meal, especially on Friday nights.

The newly launched Lackawanna County Pizza Trail is a great way to get your fix and support small businesses, especially if you're in the mood for Italian food.

The campaign was spearheaded and launched by the Lackawanna County Visitors Bureau. 

Newswatch 16 first brought you the story over the summer as the "call for votes" went out in our area. 

Many of you took a bite out of the voting process. The result?

"There are now 63 of them (pizza shops) in total out of one 160 plus pizzerias in the county," Alexa Peregrim with the Lackawanna County Visitors Bureau said. 

Here's how it works:

"You can just go on the map; you can pick a different region on the map itself, and then you can pick the different pizza places. There are little descriptions, pictures, and it tells you where they're located. The map itself is laid out so that you see all the different spots. It's color-coded. There's plenty of ways to be able to go on there and just pick and choose where you're going. The best part is that if you're in one part (of the county), let's say you're in Dunmore for an attraction. You can look at the Dunmore area itself and see what pizza places are there that are on the map now," Peregrim said. 

While there isn't a punch card yet in place like some "food finding adventures" offer, it's something the Lackawanna County Visitors Bureau is kicking around. Regardless, the campaign is already attracting new faces to small businesses, including Nina's Wing Bites and Pizza.

"What we've noticed is that we've been having a lot of new customers coming to us," Maria McLaine, owner of Nina's Wing Bites & Pizza, said.

Nina's has been around for 15 years and has four locations. For their business, like so many others, this project is coming at the right time.

"It helps us with just keeping our staff employed. We know that is our biggest concern right now through COVID. We want to stay afloat and make sure that we can still have jobs for people in our community. And, to keep the word out there for our business and keep people employed is really our biggest goal," McLaine said. 

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