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That's So 570: Couple two, 'tree' shirts help Scranton company soar

Whether you've lived here your entire life or have loved ones who've moved away, many of us love to represent our local pride and unique sayings.

Whether you’ve lived here your entire life or have moved out of the area, it’s a safe bet to say many of us love to represent our local pride and unique sayings.

And one growing business from the Scranton area is making it happen, creating all sorts of stuff that’s truly That's So 570!

From local landmarks to famous phrases you’d only hear in the 570, a growing company called Scranton Made has created all sorts of items to help people wear or even proudly display our area’s pride.

From pillows that represent some of our area's best-known landmarks, including the Electric City sign in Scranton, to shirts that let you know where to find the pizza capital of the world — these are just some of the creations Cristin Powers has put into her Northeastern Pennsylvania business. 

"Scranton Made was launched in 2012. We started as an event-based company throwing large arts festivals in downtown Scranton,' Cristin said. 

And eventually, Scranton Made grew, launching a clothing line and more.

"We really wanted to just play off things that Scranton fans and people of NEPA say, like ‘Henya er No…’ is a real classic... we will have like two or tree coming up as well. And maybe even how people say hot dog around here, haat dog," Cristin said. 

Cristin, like so many others who have had fun with certain 570 words or phrases, including HEYNA, say it’s not about poking fun at our area, but rather "to celebrate our local heritage and all the things that we say." 

 And if you need a refresher on our region’s old-school lingo, there’s even a fun YouTube tutorial on it called “Heynabonics.” I first caught up with its creators back in 2013. 

"We tried to cover things that would happen in a normal life of a normal, northeastern Pennsylvanian….go out to eat…have a couple two tree beers…that kind of thing," the video's creators said. 

"The cornerstone of Heynabonics is henya!  Roughly translated means isn’t it right. If you want some affirmation for [the] statement you made, simply follow it with heyna?" the video instructs. 

While “henya” isn’t used as much today as it was many years ago, it is making a comeback in Scranton Made’s clothing line.

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey asked Cristin about the area's reaction to the "heyna" shirts. 

"The social media response has been amazing, and so is our online sales," Cristin said. She added, "when I track our online sales, a lot of our sales are surprisingly outside of the area, which I find really exciting because, as they say, you can take a person out of Scranton, but you can't take a Scranton out of the person."

And as Scranton Made continues to grow, the owner says they’re rolling out more mugs, stickers, prints, a whole bunch of fun things. Prices for the products range anywhere from $2.50 to $60.

You can learn more about this company That’s So 570 at this link.