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Making your July 4th burst with fun! Insider tips on buying fireworks

With fewer community fireworks gatherings this Independence Day because of the coronavirus, local sales are booming. Newswatch 16 tackled tips when buying.

If you're looking to razzle-dazzle your friends and family this Fourth of July weekend, fireworks stores are the hot spot to get that party poppin'!

This year, sales are booming because of COVID-19 due to fewer large community fireworks shows.

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey visited John Barborek at The Fireworks Superstore in the Tannersville area on Tuesday. 

John shared everything from the hottest items this holiday, the best time to buy fireworks, transporting them, questions to ask a reputable store, and safety tips when setting off your own show. Lots of information regarding all of these topics can be found at this link.

Here are John's other suggestions when shopping for Fourth of July fireworks: 

What to ask/know:

  • Know the law. You need to know about PA state law regarding fireworks and how it applies to you. CLICK HERE for specifics and FAQs courtesy of the Pennsylvania State Police. 
  • Know what you're buying - don't be fooled by pricing gimmicks. Visit a reputable store and ask employees for advice about performance and safe use of the items that are tailored to your circumstances and comfort levels.
  • Buy only from trusted, state-licensed retailers.

Shopping tips:

  • Visit a fireworks store early, well before the July Fourth holiday, and during morning hours. You will be met with overnight freshly restocked shelves and more individualized time with staff during non-peak hours.
  • Bring a mask - Social distancing, occupancy limits, and mask-wearing is all enforced. Stores ask you to do your part to keep yourself and those around you safe.

WNEP's 2020 Fireworks Schedule

While some community events and shows have been canceled this year because of the pandemic and to prevent large crowds from gathering, some community events are still on.

Head here to be connected to WNEP's updated list.

More fireworks safety tips from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission 

Each year, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission releases its important fireworks safety reminders and holiday tips. 

You can view it all at this link. 

Below is a Video News Release from the same organization that shows a demonstration of fireworks dangers when handled improperly.

This video was filmed, produced, edited, and distributed by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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