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Bright Side 16: Shining A Light On A Dark Time

Newswatch 16 knows many of you in our communities are doing what you can to make a positive impact. Bright Side 16 is all about showcasing those memorable moments.
Credit: Katherine Fisne

We’re all dealing with a turbulent time, but we know many of you in our communities are doing what you can to make a positive impact. 

A number of people are getting creative at home to help keep their family’s spirits up.

As part of a new segment that Newswatch 16 is launching called “Bright Side 16,” Ryan Leckey is sharing your uplifting highlights from home.

Ryan hopes to bring you the “Bright Side 16” segment on Fridays on Newswatch 16 This Morning to help shine a light during a dark time.

As part of Friday’s stories, Ryan showcased how the Mulligan family from the Clarks Summit area is sewing masks to help healthcare employees. See links below to see how you can get involved in this movement, especially if you have some solid sewing skills.

Ryan also showed how area gyms owners, including from CrossFit Scranton and CrossFit Anthracite, are inspiring their athletes to stay motivated and moving thanks to at home workouts.

CLICK HERE for information on the free ZOOM workouts from CrossFit Anthracite which is based in Pittston.


The easiest way, is by posting your uplifting photos or videos to Ryan’s Facebook page when he puts the call out for those positive stories where you’re making an impact.

Another way, is to use “#BrightSide16” (all one word) on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. This way, it allows Newswatch 16 to find your images a lot faster.

You can also text Newswatch 16. Store this number in your cellphone: 800-533-news AKA 800-533-6397. You can save that number as WNEP, Newswatch 16 or something fun like “My Bestie Leckey.”

When texting, please type the word “BrightSide16” (all one word) in the message section of the text message.

Please be sure to tell us about the stuff you’re texting including “who’s in the photo, what you’re doing, and where you’re from. 


COVID-19 PPE Shortage response in Lackawanna County:

Click here! This is the group that posts needs/patterns and supplies to share.

The Sewing Room

This group has a physical box outside in the front of their business for mask donations. Head here for more!

Masked Bandits

Offers directions on how to make the masks. More here!

When you have 20 masks made, contact Tonyehn Verkitus at info@luzlackmedsoc.org

Fire Departments in Lackawanna County have spots where you can drop off locations for masks at this link.

If you need masks, post the need and place on Facebook pages mentioned above. 

If you are making masks, contact the Masked Bandits or check with your local Fire Department for local drop off locations.


If anyone has supplies such as elastic, thread, fabric and wants to share, please contact the Facebook pages above.

Other supplies that could be useful for gowns and face shields are:




Transparency film


Protective eye wear