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Bright Side 16: Celebrating area moms and a 'sweet' mother/daughter quarantine project

Nothing stops Mother's Day! Here's a look at how some kids plan to honor the special woman in their lives during COVID-19.

Strong, unforgettable, and hard-working are just some of the words, so many of you use to describe your moms.

As part of this edition of Bright Side 16, Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey spotlighted many area moms and families. He also showed how, despite COVID-19, many are still making efforts to celebrate Mother's Day. 

For many, social distancing has put the brakes on those all-important visits with mom. 

For others, it'll be the first Mother's Day without them. 

However, those life lessons taught by our mothers continue to stick with us.

They hold true to that Abraham Lincoln quote: "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."

For those still living at home, this recent crisis just might have strengthened the bond sons and daughters have with their moms, and that certainly includes Abby Moliski of Bradford County and her mother, Cathy.

"My mom came to me one day and said, 'Hey, Abby, I have an idea! I didn't think she was actually going to do it," Abby said. 

"It was a dare, and I was up for it, a bet!" Abby's mom, Cathy, said.

After months of collecting some special items, with the help of family and friends, "the bet" finally paid off. It turned out to be a "sweet" prom dress for Abby finished around the time when quarantine began. 

It was not just any gown. The dress is one mostly made up of 625 Lindt chocolate candy wrappers.

"Every single color in the rainbow. I'm talking twinkly, glittery, beautiful," Cathy said.

It's a gourmet gown that took shape wrapper by wrapper. Cathy's friend helped sew the dress.

"Every time I went to her house, she would sew all the way around. Shout out to Anna Jane! She would be like 'Oh, gosh, here we go,'" Cathy said with a smile.

Despite the colorful creation, Abby's dream of wearing it to her senior prom at Sayre Area High School quickly melted away when the pandemic shut everything down.

"I was really excited to show it off because it was such hard work and so many people put so much time into, you know, eating the chocolate," Abby said. 

Now, Abby says she plans to show it off whenever and wherever she can. 

"Oh, yeah! I'm going to wear it to all the stores, and we're going to make a candy wrapper face mask," Abby said with laughter. 

As for what finishing this project has meant during quarantine?

"It means everything, well, she has five kids all together, and they all can't be here. So just, you know, being stuck in the house with her, I got to spend a lot more time with her. It's really great," Abby said.

It's all to create an unforgettable prom dress with mom, built with the love of chocolate, and the love between mother and daughter during an unforgettable time.

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