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Backyard guests you’ve prob-BEAR-ley spotted this summer: Take time to paws and reflect on these FURmidable creatures

Thanks to your posts on social media, Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey gives us a glance at those backyard guests in our area that can sometimes be un-bear-able.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — When it comes to mornings, sometimes people can be a real "bear" if they don’t have their coffee!

And speaking of those often cute but not so cuddly creatures, a lot of you seem to be seeing more of them around your neighborhoods.

Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey is sharing some of your photos and videos of those FURmidable creatures showing up all over social media.

We have a lot to unpack with this segment, so let's get our BEARings.

If you scanned through social media in the past few weeks, it’s a safe bet to say someone you’re friends with probably posted content showing some big ole backyard guests that stopped your scroll in its tracks. 

From smartphones to home security cameras, technology is makin’ it PAWSible to see all sorts of emBEARassing moments.

Even if the video looks like you’re watching The Bear Witch Project, like here in Schuylkill County, Connie was just grateful her dogs were in for the night. But bear with us, because not all of the social media content you shared looked like a scene from a horror movie.

After all, some of these FURmidable creatures just like to paws and reflect sometimes, and you know, get a good back scratchin’ going on like here in Pike County. Rosemarie said this guy pampered himself for about ten minutes in Lords Valley. He BEARely noticed anyone was watching. Same for this land mammal on the move who set up shop in Mary Ann’s yard, possibly just needed a break to get his Bearings.  

 And because bears usually eat around 5,000 calories a day during the spring and summer months compared to 20,000 calories every day in the fall, well, they gotta find food. And sometimes that means doing the "bear" minimum in the forest and taking advantage of your treats. You know, those sweet snacks in your bird feeder like Marcy and Amanda shared.

And like us in the summer, after a big meal, nothing feels better than “walking it off” or cooling off.

Like here in Moscow, after all, we all deserve a “howling” good time in the summer. 

Backyard bears all part of the CLAWS AND EFFECT of nature this time of year creatures who are often far from Bar-bear-ic and just looking for a "beary" good time.

And of course, the PA Game Commission and U.S. National Park Service have a lot of tips on how to keep the bears at bay if they’re hanging around your home too often and tips for what to do if you encounter them.  Other resources here

  After all, depending on their mood, they’re not always cute and cuddly. 

We hope you appreciate the puns in this story, sometimes you just gotta “grin and bear” a Leckey story, right?  

I mean, he bear-ed his heart and soul.

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