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Crawlspace And Attic Storage Made Simple

An Engine and Track That Brings Your Items To You!

CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa. — Finding space for, and organizing seasonal items and can be frustrating. Utilizing your crawlspace or attic can be difficult. We found a Clarks Summit man who came up with a brilliant solution to your storage problems with the crawlspace crawler.  Crawlspace Storage provides solutions for utilizing empty attic or crawlspace areas in your home for storage for almost anything. Now you can store seasonal items – holiday decorations or winter/summer cloths, or seldom used home items like plumbing or electrical fittings, extension cords, etc. You can make space that was difficult to access easy!

The system consists of 3 main components: A track is installed in a rectangular closed loop directly on the concrete crawlspace floor or in a plywood path in the attic. The Crawlspace Crawler is a self propelled, remote controlled engine that rides around the track loop. The cars (up to 24) are coupled, one behind the other to the engine. Each car holds a 64 gallon clear plastic storage container.